Rapid Guardian One-Step Challenge for Aspiring Traders
October 12, 2023

Rapid Guardian One-Step Challenge for Aspiring Traders

Join Blue Guardian's Rapid Guardian Challenge – A one-step program for traders seeking funding with profit-sharing and risk management.

In the realm of proprietary trading, Blue Guardian introduces the "Rapid Guardian" One-Step Challenge, signaling a monumental industry shift. This innovative program accelerates the journey to funding while showcasing trading skills. Rapid Guardian emphasizes efficiency and simplicity, poised to reshape traders' strategies. It aligns with Blue Guardian's unwavering support for traders, regardless of expertise level, as they strive to redefine industry standards. Blue Guardian's groundbreaking development ushers in a transformative era for proprietary trading, offering unprecedented opportunities for success. This initiative underscores our firm's dedication to fostering trader growth and success in the dynamic world of proprietary trading.

A New Era for Aspiring Traders

Our Rapid Guardian challenge lives up to its name as it offers traders the chance to achieve a Funded Status in just one step, eliminating the usual multi-phase process. This initiative reflects Blue Guardian's unwavering commitment to nurturing and supporting traders at all levels of expertise.

Diverse Opportunities for Traders

Rapid Guardian will attract traders across the spectrum, from seasoned professionals validating their skills to newcomers seeking structured success. This challenge perfectly aligns with Blue Guardian's core mission: empowering traders with essential tools and opportunities for excellence in financial markets.

A Lucrative Venture with a Risk Management Focus

Rapid Guardian's enticing profit-sharing model and a strong emphasis on risk management sets it apart. This program offers traders a unique platform to showcase their trading prowess and earn substantial rewards.

Pioneering Trader Empowerment

Blue Guardian's Rapid Guardian challenge announcement showcases its dedication to innovation and trader empowerment in the proprietary trading sector. This bold initiative is set to reshape prop trading, offering aspiring traders a path to unleash their full market potential.

Our "Rapid Guardian" One-Step Challenge by Blue Guardian is a pivotal moment in proprietary trading. Key program features include a 10% profit target, a 4% daily drawdown limit, a 6% max relative drawdown, and an 85% profit split. Traders receive payouts every 14 days, and there is no time limit, offering flexibility and opportunity for success. Blue Guardian's commitment is reflected in these features, emphasizing trader empowerment, innovation, and lasting success. Traders who embark on this journey can expect a transformative experience that not only simplifies the path to funding but also elevates their trading skills and potential to unprecedented heights.

Participating in the one-step challenge is straightforward. Traders need to sign up for one of the evaluation accounts, available in varying balances ranging from $10,000 to $200,000. They must adhere to specific trading objectives, including a maximum loss limit of 8%, a daily loss cap of 4%, and a leverage of 1:100. Traders have the freedom to trade across 28 currency pairs, gold, and silver, employing their preferred trading styles, strategies, and platforms.                                              

The one-step challenge is designed to offer flexibility and realism, allowing traders to operate at their own pace and in alignment with their unique trading styles. By eliminating the stress of stringent deadlines and goals, we want to attract and empower talented and disciplined traders who can effectively safeguard capital and amplify their profits.

In a market characterized by evolution and innovation, our one-step challenge emerges as a beacon of opportunity for traders seeking a new and refreshing approach to prop trading. With its generous capital backing, strategic partnerships, and trader-centric evaluation process, we are ready to reshape the landscape of prop trading, opening doors to a new era of trading success.

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