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What We Do

At Blue Guardian, we strive to aid skillful and experienced traders to maximize their talent to full potential and secure a funded account with us. We came to understand that an edge in the financial market requires both sufficient capital and a well developed strategy. Therefore, our goal became clear as we seek to find and accredit smart traders giving them the potential to make a sufficient income. Aiding them with a helping hand, a hand which may set them one step closer to financial freedom.

The team here at Blue Guardian were all originally traders so we know what we are seeking for when it comes to realistic results. We believe that it is not possible to generate and maintain such high returns other prop firms require to pass. Therefore, our team has developed a model which we believe will allow traders with all different styles a realistic chance at becoming a Guardian Trader.

Meet The Team

As the CEO of Blue Guardian, Sean brings years of trading experience to the table. He has firsthand knowledge of the industry, offering a variety of trading services from signal provision to using machine learning and quantitative analysis to create trading bots.

Under Sean's leadership, Blue Guardian has developed a strong short and long-term strategy, and he has been instrumental in creating and implementing the company's vision and mission.

Sean Bainton

Eric is the leader of operations at Blue Guardian. With his strong background in statistics and finance, along with his extensive experience trading at both retail and proprietary levels, Eric is a trusted and reliable source of expertise in the industry.

Eric is committed to leading the company's efforts in achieving operational excellence and facilitating growth, all while upholding the highest standards of reliability and professionalism.

Eric Gairns

Chief Operating Officer
Regan is the leader of the Blue Guardian payout team. He deals with all things related to payments and orders.

As the Chief Financial Officer, Regan is dedicated to providing customers with top-notch service and ensuring that their concerns are addressed swiftly and effectively.

Regan Hartland

Chief Financial Officer

Our Timeline

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Find skilful, experienced, disciplined traders and allocate them with a sufficient amount of simulated funding.

Our Values

We aim to provide excellent customer service for all traders we are partnered with. We also strive to create a secure, honest and transparent environment for all of our traders.


The company was incorporated in 2019 originally designed to be a Forex Signal provider and an education institution.


Sean met his current team and worked on developing trading systems using machine learning and quantitative analysis and providing them to Forex tech companies.


We decided to rebrand and introduce our Prop Firm Evaluations designed to allow all traders a fair chance at becoming a Guardian Trader.


We redesigned our website, model and dashboard as well as adding some exclusive Blue Guardian features to push us to the top of the prop industry.

Why Us?

Realistic Targets

Our model has the most competitive and realistic targets in the market. A profit targets are 8% & 4% which are the lowest in the industry. This allows for all traders to have a fair chance at becoming a funded trader and progressing on their trading journey.

No Restrictions

When we say no restrictions, we mean it! We allow the use of EA's, trade copiers, trade upon news releases and holding trades over the weekend. We have no restrictions on lot size limits or martingale/hedging.

Guardian Protector

All traders can access our built in equity protector to limit them hitting their max daily loss. We are the first prop firm to offer a risk management tool in the dashboard for traders.

Profit Split

The profit split for our funded traders is 85%. The industry standard is 80%, we are ahead of the competition.  We give refundable fees and also make our Evaluation parameters the most competitive in the market.

Bi-Weekly Payout

We offer our traders bi-weekly payouts. This means you can receive you profits every 14 days rather than having to wait a full 30 days of trading. You can now get that first withdrawal and refund a whole lot sooner!

Scaling Plan

Simply make 12% profit over 3 months and your account will be scaled all the way up to $2,000,000. Traders will be rewarded in 30% increments.

What People Think

Seamless process and good customer service that responds quickly. Thank you
Mario Whiteside
Very Supportive
I feel so proud so be a part of your services and you guys are so supportive and interactive.
Momin Khan
Very Happy
Just passed the challenge and received the certificate within a few hours. Couldn’t be more pleased.
Ali Jahantab
Fast and Friendly
So far I've had an absolutely great experience with blue. Received my account details instantly. The times that I have reached out to customer support they've been fast and friendly.
Jacob Simpson
Quick Payout!
Just received my first payout from them yesterday, went smoothly and quicker than a few other firms I've used before. Quite excited to continue with them and hopefully progress up the account scaling!
Smooth and Easy
My first month and first withdrawal and everything was smooth. Even it was weekend but BGC has nailed it here.
Jim Reynolds
Genuine and Legitamte
As a client of Blue Guardian I can attest that Blue Guardian Capital is a genuine and legitimate company.
Hicham Benjelloun
Easy Payout
Everything was smooth from getting account details to payout. I highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for a legitimate prop firm.
Harrison Bryan
Excellent Service
Excellent service, I got my first capital to trade forex for free using this platform after participating in their trading challenge even as a newbie.
Harry Thomas
Very Trustful
I just received my second profit split, they have earned my trust 100%.
Alex Wilkins

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